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Golf Bet Golf Entertainments

Play more in your tournament! In addition to your redular golf game, the concept Golf bettings allows you to pledge all day without losing your shirt! Golfers receive a sum of fake money, and they can bet during the course.

You can also have casino tables on the course, challenges of all kinds on the green and special contests for all!

We give away special prizes as in an auction, and participants buy with their earnings of the day!

-Installation of all the equipments indoor and outdoor
-The sound system for the evening (optional)
-Entertainment on the golf course for a period of 5 to 6 hours
-Entertainment for the cocktail (happy hour) (optional)
-Animation of the special auction (optional)

Animation Concept supplies :

-The actors
-The costumes, accessories, etc
-Dee-jay and host for the entertainment during the evening (optional)

The client supplies :
-The location
-1 golf cart
-2 tables for the animation team
-Electrical facilities (power supply)
-Meal for the animation team


Nombre de participants
Max 144
6 hours