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Golf-Video Golf Entertainments

Picture this: your drive is so powerful, it sends your golf ball into space; or your ball ends up in the lake, and a scuba-diver gets it back for you… It’s all possible, with the help of our camera-man/producer, who makes the most hilarious video-editing ! The golfers’ best (and worst) performances will forever be remembered, thanks to Animation Concept’s camera ! On that same evening, you will be able to see it all on a giant TV screen. Giggles guaranteed !

-Sound system and set installations
-Cumputers, video-montage, …
-Captation and entertainment on the golf course
-Presentation on giant screen after dinner

Animation Concept supplies :

-Sound system
-Video editing sets,
-1 DJ, 1 MC, 1 cameraman, 1 editor

The client supplies :
-The location
-2 tables for the animation team
-Electrical facilities (power supply)
-Meal for the animation team


Nombre de participants
Max 144
10 to 12 hours
More giants screens, more power sound, MC during the dinner...