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Prohibition Golf Golf Entertainments

Our wacky mafiosis attempt to bribe your guests and dominate the golf course! The Godfather, his right arm, the Candy Girl and various characters are available to entertain your people and make them enjoy even more their golf tournament with surprises and laughter !

Choice of characters

-”The owner of the golf course” and artist agent (“Angélil style” from the fithees)
The Mysterious Owner of the Golf Club, the shady artist manager, the goofy Mafiosi, and many more! The host (who can be also the artist manager), will lead the entertainment and makes everyone participate!

-The reporter-photographer
This photographer with a vintage look also takes pictures with…a vintage style! Get your own photography in black and white, we will provide a few accessories too! He can be on the golf course or greet you at the end of the day!.

-The ”Candy Girl”
Equiped with a huge tray of sweets, the candy girl offers sweets, chocolates and smiles to all guests on the spot! She is wearing a flamboyant costume recalling the “pin up” style, with a touch of glam and class!

-The Mafia brothers
Much more humorous than dangerous! This duo is closer to the Blues Brothers that real gangsters, and your guests will have a blast with them!

-Vito, The Godfather :

He’s the boss, and you have to respect his authority…or else! The Godfather is impressive, but if you become friends with him, you will discover his soft spot…hey, you might even get his secret recipe for the perfect spaghetti sauce!
Using a photo (ideally a photo of a guest everybody knows ) , he will try to find this person, not without giving comical details about his alleged privacy …

-Gino the assistant of Vito :
He listens religiously everything Vito directs him to do, and executes the orders! he can also pay certain guests to do some funny “services” for Vito …One of you may also have to watch a very important case for Vito and Gino!

-The investigator:
The investigator verifies that the bar is ledgit. Is everything here legal? He will find out, by questioning your guests! A big surprise awaits right after the main meal! Prepare for a amassive arrest, with he participation of the social committee!

-* For the grand finale night : Animation Concept provides 10 coats, 10 hats and accessories (guns , handcuffs, etx …) to disguise the committee members during the arrest .


Animation Concept supplies :

-The actors
-The costumes and accessories
-The hardware – animation

The client supplies :
-The location
-1 Golf cart
-2 tables for the animation team
-Electrical facilities (power supply)
-Meal for the animation team (min.3)


Nombre de participants
Max 144
5 à 6 hours
Entertainment during happy hour, prizes , DJ and sound-system, a burlesque show ...