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Crazy Policemen Radar Golf Entertainments

Liven up your golf tournament with our crazy policeman who makes a patrol through the golfers and give ridiculous tickets! You talked with your mouth full , you did not offer a donut to the policeman? Watch out! Any reason is good for him to punish you! In addition , the officer has a real camera that can capture the speed of your golf ball ; let’s see if the golfers can predict the speed of their ball and maybe win something!

-Arrival and preparation for the actor (1 hour before the event )
-Animation on the golf course for a period of max 5 hours

Animation Concept supplies :

-The actor (s)
-The policeman costume(s)and accessories
-Material for the entertainment (Speed Radar and alcool in option)

The client supplies :
-The location
-1 caddy car

-Meal for the animation team


Nombre de participants
Max 144
5 hours
More actors, video capture, DJ with entertainment,Sound system for the evening ...