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About leadership…

Someone who can influence positively, motivate others and take initiatives shows great signs of good leadership. If this quality is essential for leadership positions, it is also very useful for positions in conjunction with it. The proper functioning of a team is based on the autonomy and efficiency of its members, and the successful initiatives they take.

Thus, everyone is called to show some leadership in the workplace. The type of leadership that a person manifest will be influenced by his own characteristics (like his qualities, weaknesses, talents, past experiences, values, etc.). There are many types of leadership, since each individual has his own vision of leadership!

The team members have all the responsibility to share their ideas and talents, and keep a positive vibe among the group. Some comments, actions or passive-agressive behaviors can weaken a team’s productivity. A good attitude at work is naturally linked with a good leadership.

A type of leadership that reduces the participation of others too much can undermine the enthusiasm and commitment to the project. An efficient leadership is based on democracy, with a final decision respected and made by the superior in charge of the projetct.

The positive leader involved in the task is part of the action, and maintains a healthy atmosphere in the team. This leader avoids the pitfall of getting lost in the details and too many meetings. He brings new ideas, hear carefully those of others, and choose the best option among the ones presented. He knows how to optimize the strengths of each member under his wing. He minimizes the impact of actions or negative people. He looks forward, and makes good use of past post-mortems when possible. His enthusiasm and energy are communicative, and he promotes adherence to the project by his team members.

Skills in leadership are always useful, even essential. That is why it is important for everyone to acquire them in a team!

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