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Animation Concept : a company that stands out

Animation Concept has been around for 20 years and uses the best specialists to develop effective team building programs. Several competitors improvise and recycle in the field of Team building: it is imperative to document and request references! Animation Concept provides you with more than twenty companies that we undertake such Caisses Desjardins throughout Quebec Radio-Canada, CBC, Deloitte, Banque Nationale, SAQ, Heinz, Yoplait , and many more.


  Animation Concept is a training organization approved by the “Commission des partenaires du marché du travail”. Your training is even eligible for the 1% law and is tax deductible

Our team building exercises are varied, entertaining, and develop the capacity to work as a group. Our challenges include tasks that improve the performance of the group, but also tasks that help to realize their own individual strengths and weaknesses.

The exercises cover different areas:

Communication: The challenges are focused on the transmission of information, the effectiveness of the message and the proactive reception.


Planning: The challenges linger on the ability to classify tasks in order of priority. The challenges demonstrate that good planning is essential before implementing a solution.


Creativity: We challenge your team and its ability to “think differently” and to use some imagination! People learn that solutions that are not readily apparent require creative vision to reach resolution of the problem.

Exercise of trust and commitment: Our exercises help colleagues to trust each other better and to use this as a strenght. The members of the team know they can rely on each other to move forward and achieve their goals.

Finally, our team building events include a good part of social activities, which encourage members to get to know each other better, and share some fun in a different context.


evaluation and feedback

To encourage the involvement and retrospection of all team members, we provide a self-evaluation process to assess the effectiveness of the group at the end of the activities.

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Animation Concept Inc. est un organisme formateur agréé par la commission des partenaires du marché du travail. No.:0054484 « Vérifiez si votre dépense de formation est admissible dans le cadre de la loi du 1% »

Montréal : 514. 567.9977
Québec    : 418. 476.9977
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