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Bill 90 : the training law (1%)

Bill 90 on the formation of Emploi Québec

You are an employer whose annual payroll of more than one million dollars? Under the Act of Quebec employment, you must invest in a calendar year, the equivalent of at least 1% of their payroll in training your staff AND declare the amount invested in the Ministry Revenu Québec. Otherwise, you must pay the National Training Fund of labor the amount that you have not invested. The fund is used to finance activities related to training

If the total expenditure is higher than 1% of payroll, you can carry the excess forward to the following years.

By cons, if you do not invest your total 1% of payroll, the balance must be submitted to the Ministry of Revenue of Quebec during the annual declaration.

Animation Concept is a training organization approved by the goverment.

No.: 0054484

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