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Team building : Our philosophy

Team building is a great help to strengthen cohesion within a team. Each member can feel more valued in their work and have harmonious relationships within the group. Team building will not only increase people’s happiness, but also its productivity and belonging. Many exercises stimulate openness and the observation of self-behavior, which allows employees to understand their own reactions and ways to work together. Our team building programs help increase the potential of each member. Ultimately, it’s not only good for them….but for the whole enterprise too!


The team building programs created by Animation Concept help to find solutions, contain interactivity and scenarios people can relate to. Our approach includes:

 • A methodological approach

 • A creative and behavioral


 • The team members work collaboratively and creatively;

 • The team members share information with each other;

 • Decisions are made by the whole team.

Animation Concept can also offer tailored educational programs with those key elements :

 • A comprehensive analysis of your needs

 • Understanding of business objectives;

 • Identification of the skills to acquire.

Our team building programs:

Our team building programs are designed to strengthen ties between the members of your organization and maximize the contribution of each. The team members are immersed in different situations, and individual strengths are highlighted (planning, observation, deduction or memory skills).

Exercises involving the leadership skills and listening skills are also put to the test. All our programs are run by experienced and passionate coaches. The duration of our programs can be conducted on a half-day, one day or several days. The Team building experience is available for groups as small as 8 and as large as several hundred.


Great team building programs reach a useful purpose, both on the professional and organizational level. Members of the team increase their skills and work better together!


• Technical competence

• Experience

 • Training


 • Leadership and initiative

 • Overview, style, speech …

 • Dynamic

 • Discipline and Organization

 • Sense of responsibility

 • Creativity

 • Capacity to adapt to change

 • Resistance to stress and pressure

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