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What are the benefits ?

When team building is recommended?

Team building is particularly effective when team work is facing new challenges, or a change in its operation:

 • New co-workers

 • New goals for the company;

 • Establishment of a new approach;

 • Prevent relational conflicts;

 • Create partnerships between individuals;

 • Develop the full productive and creative potential of each team member.

Our programs help to…:

 • Increase the involvement of each participant;

 • Mobilize the strengths of each member around your goals;

 • Stimulate openness to change;

 • Increase the sense of belonging to the enterprise;

 • Enhance the quality of communications;

 • Encourage staff retention;

 • Stimulate the adherence of all to a mission

 • Create a climate conducive to motivation

 • Improve the relational dynamics between employees;

 • Develop common working methods.

Animation Concept can help you to:

 • Integrate new employees into a team already formed;

 • Identify new challenges in a context other than work

 • Identify communication problems between employees

 • Break the cycle of boredom and motivate your troops


Benefits of Employee Engagement:

 • A positive attitude, determination, commitment, enthusiasm, creativity and endurance;

 • Engaged employees are trustworthy and can rely on each other;

 • Engaged employees are a constant source of brilliant ideas;

 • Engaged employees give the best of themselves and pride in a job well done.



 • Activities to strengthen the team spirit enable everyone to become fully involved in achieving a common goal. The simulations allow testing available, attempts and tests that are useful in the real business environment in the future.

 • More participants are active and involved in the formation, the more they retain the concepts transmitted.

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