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What is a good team ?

Team spirit calls for a unity, cohesion and solidarity. Members of a team are all different, but become together a new entity with its own specifications. It’s on those specifications that rely the success of the team’s project!

One of the best way to develop team spirit is to bring members to personnaly care about the collective goals. Those goals must bring enthousiasm and positive energy…if it’s not enough, some Team building exercices can surely help!

To work as a team is to work with the desire to be effective. members cooperate and make decisions together. Problems are solved with brainstorms and creative solutions instead of inaction or accusations. Communication is precise, honest and positive. Each member feel responsible and important, and work at their maximum.

How can you get better results as a team?

”The more people you have in a group, the less they are satisfied. That’s because communication gets more difficult. Workers don’t get the chance to express their point of view equally.” * (Golembiewski, 1962 : Thomas et Fink, 1963)

When we know this fact, we understand that it is better to have many small groups, instead of a big, large one. The maximum people you shoud allow, according to researchers, is 5 to 6 people.

This is the magic number to get the most positive and productive interactions. each member has a chance to express himself, and work,s division among the group let every single member keep their eyes on the goal to reach. Relational or structural problems are more easily solved too.

* : As Slater in 1958 and Hare in 1962, concluded that «5 is the best number for a team», Holloman and Hendrick (1971) prefered the number 6. Source : “Le travail en équipe” ; Roger Mucchielli 2007

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